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Below are a few of Ms. MacLeod's most recently published books for you to browse.  Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions or to hire her for your next writing project.  Ms. MacLeod tries to personally respond to all messages within 1 business day.  To make a purchase, please click on the links below your chosen titles.


Winner of the Online Book Club Novel of the Year Award for 'Other Fiction' (2018)

Written August 2017

Published June 2018

Celebrated author J.G. MacLeod is honoured to share her first page turner with readers.  Ms. MacLeod's close friends, family and of course her editor know how much work was put into getting this book ready for release and publication.  She is excited to finally share Abalone with a wider audience and hopes you enjoy it.  This novel began as a series of vignettes written over a period of two years and then left untouched for another twelve.  Finishing this story was a labour of love and determination, pieced together with the voices of countless women Ms. MacLeod met over a period of more than two decades.

Liz is a quiet, but insightful woman of eighteen who is in her final year of high school.  Forced into a life of introversion, Liz escapes her broken home life through her dreams of leaving Abalone Lake, her small home town.  Enter James Macewan, an older misfit with his own demons and a desperate need to be loved.  Liz soon finds herself entangled in a relationship that is both passionate and abusive.  Abalone is a story of first love, violence and renewal, and the ways in which human beings tolerate, adapt and heroically transform during periods of extreme trauma.

*The domestic violence described in this novel can be graphic and triggering for some.  The author believes that the overall message is too important not to share, however, but understands if some readers are emotionally impacted by the scenes in this book.  Please seek professional assistance should you find yourself triggered in any way.*

Lady Ellen

Winner of the Breakthrough Novel Award for Historical Fiction (2018)

Written December 2017

Published July 2018

This nineteenth-century-style novel was inspired by a journey to Ireland in 2016 and started out as a daydream among friends while sightseeing on Inis Mor, Aran Islands.  Author J.G. MacLeod wove the tale loosely together with historical figures and events (such as the Guinness family, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, and the Act of Union) in order to create an exciting work of fiction that you will be sure to love.  Get in touch to order your copy of Lady Ellen today and let her know what you think.

Set against the breathtaking landscapes of Kylemore Castle (circa 1845) and Inis Mor, Ireland, this is the first book in Ms. MacLeod's captivating "Irish series" (The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu).  Lady Ellen is the story of an aristocratic nineteen-year-old who has just "come out" in society.  She is soon promised to a man whom she reviles, but is secretly engaged to a man far his superior.  Banished for disobeying her father, Lady Ellen finds herself on the isolated Aran Islands where she must carve out a new existence among strangers.  Intriguing, sensual and haunting, Lady Ellen blends the sensibility of Austen with the honesty of Hardy.

Two Paths

Written May 2018

Published November 2018

Check out the latest work of historical fiction by author J.G. MacLeod.  After spending countless hours working up to its release, she is proud to announce that it is finally ready.  Poignant, thrilling and passionate,Two Paths is the next book for you.  If you liked its prequel, Lady Ellen, you will love this Irish story as well (the second tale in The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu series).


Set in Galway-Mayo Counties, this is the tale of Lady Ellen's romantic journey with Lord Ardilaun as she attempts to reconcile herself to her new life at Ashford Castle, Ireland.  Still desperately attached to Grady and her adventures on Inis Mor, Lady Ellen must face new challenges as the Irish potato famine threatens to tear apart everything she holds dear.  Readers will be inspired by a more mature and independent protagonist who is determined to live life on her own terms.  Two Paths is a story of romance, survival, and growth that fans are sure to love!

A Thousand Pieces



This future release will be J.G. MacLeod's first work of non-fiction and was a collaborative project with a talented author to be revealed closer to publication.  The two writers imagined this joint venture almost two decades ago while working in a downtown market.  The biography belongs to another, but Ms. MacLeod is honoured to have been asked to help weave together this tale of love, betrayal and triumph.

As a young girl, Matylda was wild and carefree, living in another city with her single mother.  She later emigrated to Canada, raising two amazing children.  While Matylda sometimes describes incredible heartbreak, do not be alarmed; this story is anything but depressing.  A Thousand Pieces is, ultimately, a tale of how the people we meet in our lives can affect us in disturbing or uplifting ways.  It is a story of perseverance and the necessity of trusting in one's own inner voice.  A must read for every woman!  Get in touch to order your copy today.

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