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COMING 2021!

Readers have been asking when the next installment of Brigid & Ferghus, the unlikely loveable duo from The Future Bride, will be available. Currently a work in progress, The Past Love is once again set in 15th-century Scotland. It features Brigid & Ferghus, as well as beloved characters from the first romcom novel. This story will not be a sequel to the first book, but a stand-alone tale that can be enjoyed without reading The Future Bride first, although J.G. has said it will enhance reader enjoyment to know a little something about the setting, characters, and conflicts that have come before.

J.G. uses research into her ancestral family tree, her daughter's weekly karate classes, and her history degree to craft these lively time-travel romcoms.

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My Dearest Jewel, My Only Bobby

An Early Work-In-Progress

Inspired by real letters exchanged between J.G.'s grandparents during their courtship in the 1930s, this WWII love story set in southwestern Ontario, Canada, is a sweet, faith-based, historical-romance novel.


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Finalist in the IAN Book of the Year Awards (2020)
Published October, 2019

The Future Bride is J.G. MacLeod's first work of romantic comedy, and won't be her last! Readers have fallen in love with this feisty, resourceful heroine, and her enormous predicament!

Brigid MacDonald is no damsel in distress! She's a black-belt in karate who's been transported into a castle in 15th-century Scotland where she's being dressed for a wedding she didn't consent to!

Of course she steals a horse and flees, but these groomsmen are relentless!

The Future Bride combines time travel, historical fiction, and romance in an unforgettable tale of adventure written to make you laugh, and love. Brigid may know how to fight, but how will she survive the corsets and homemade gin? Purchase your copy today to find out!

Published April, 2021

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and alter your future?


This upcoming release is sure to be a hit with readers, and will show J.G.'s continuous experimentation with different genres. A Moment in Time is a work of romantic suspense that blends elements of time travel, women's fiction, and literary fiction in an exciting tale of intrigue, secrets, and regret. This book is advised for 18+!


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